bs-0526R-A594 [Conjugated Primary Antibody]
Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR® 594 Conjugated
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Host: Rabbit

Target Protein: 5 lipoxygenase

Immunogen Range: 601-674/674

Clonality: Polyclonal

Isotype: IgG

Entrez Gene: 11689

Swiss Prot: P48999

Source: KLH conjugated synthetic peptide derived from mouse Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase

Purification: Purified by Protein A.

Storage Buffer: Aqueous buffered solution containing 0.01M TBS (pH 7.4) with 1% BSA, 0.03% Proclin300 and 50% Glycerol.

Storage: Store at -20°C. Aliquot into multiple vials to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.


Catalyzes the first step in leukotriene biosynthesis, and thereby plays a role in inflammatory processes.

Conjugation: ALEXA FLUOR® 594

Excitation/ Emission: 590nm/617nm

Size: 100ul

Concentration: 1ug/ul

Applications: WB(1:300-5000)

Predicted Molecular Weight: 78

Cross Reactive Species: Human

Predicted Cross Reactive Species: Dog

For research use only. Not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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