bs-4880R [Primary Antibody]
IKK-beta Polyclonal Antibody
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Host: Rabbit

Target Protein: IKK-beta

Immunogen Range: 141-240/756

Clonality: Polyclonal

Isotype: IgG

Entrez Gene: 3551, 1147

Swiss Prot: O14920

Source: KLH conjugated synthetic peptide derived from human IKK _/_

Purification: Purified by Protein A.

Storage Buffer: 0.01M TBS(pH7.4) with 1% BSA, 0.02% Proclin300 and 50% Glycerol.

Storage: Shipped at 4°C. Store at -20°C for one year. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.


IKK is a serine protein kinase, and the IKK complex contains alpha and beta subunits (IKK alpha and IKK beta). IKK alpha and IKK beta interact with each other and both are essential for NFkB activation.

Size: 100ul

Concentration: 1ug/ul

Applications: WB(1:300-5000)

Predicted Molecular Weight: 87

Cross Reactive Species: Human

Predicted Cross Reactive Species: Dog

For research use only. Not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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Formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded mouse embryo tissue labeled with Anti- IKK beta Polyclonal Antibody, Unconjugated (bs-4880R) at 1:200 followed by conjugation to the secondary antibody

A431 cells(black) were fixed with 4% PFA for 10min at room temperature,permeabilized with 0.1% PBST for 20 min at room temperature, and incubated in 5% BSA blocking buffer for 30 min at room temperature. Cells were then stained with IKK_/_ Polyclonal Antibody(bs-4880R)at 1:50 dilution in blocking buffer and incubated for 30 min at room temperature, washed twice with 2% BSA in PBS, followed by secondary antibody(blue) incubation for 40 min at room temperature. Acquisitions of 20,000 events were performed. Cells stained with primary antibody (green), and isotype control (orange).

Paraformaldehyde-fixed, paraffin embedded Rat bladder; Antigen retrieval by boiling in sodium citrate buffer (pH6.0) for 15min; Block endogenous peroxidase by 3% hydrogen peroxide for 20 minutes; Blocking buffer (normal goat serum) at 37°C for 30min; Antibody incubation with IKK beta Polyclonal Antibody, Unconjugated (bs-4880R) at 1:200 overnight at 4°C, DAB staining.