bsm-52012R [Primary Antibody]
Alas1 (1G11) Monoclonal Antibody
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Host: Rabbit

Target Protein: Alas1

Clonality: Monoclonal

Isotype: IgG

Entrez Gene: 211

Swiss Prot: P13196

Source: Recombinant human Alas1 protein, around C-terminal 200aa.

Purification: Purified by Protein A.

Storage Buffer: 0.01M TBS(pH7.4) with 1% BSA, 0.02% Proclin300 and 50% Glycerol.

Storage: Shipped at 4C. Store at -20C for one year. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.


This gene encodes the mitochondrial enzyme which is catalyzes the rate-limiting step in heme (iron-protoporphyrin) biosynthesis. The enzyme encoded by this gene is the housekeeping enzyme; a separate gene encodes a form of the enzyme that is specific for erythroid tissue. The level of the mature encoded protein is regulated by heme: high levels of heme down-regulate the mature enzyme in mitochondria while low heme levels up-regulate. A pseudogene of this gene is located on chromosome 12. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms. [provided by RefSeq, Jan 2015]

Size: 100ul

Concentration: 1ug/ul

Cross Reactive Species: Human

For research use only. Not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.


Lane 1: JAR lysates; Lane 2: HUVEC lysates; Lane 3: Hela lysates probed with Alas1 (1G11) Monoclonal Antibody (bsm-52012R) at 1:1000.

HepG2 cells were stained with Alas1 (1G11) Monoclonal Antibody (bsm-52012R) at 1:200 in PBS and incubated for overnight at 4C, followed by secondary antibody incubation, DAPI staining of the nuclei and detection

Lane 1: Human JAR cell lysates; Lane 2: Human Huvec cell lysates; Lane 3: Human Hela cell lysates; Lane 4: Human HepG2 cell lysates ; Lane 5: Human MCF-7 cell lysates; Lane 6: Human K562 cell lysates; Lane 7: Human Raji cell lysates probed with Alas1 (1G11) Monoclonal Antibody, Unconjugated (bsm-52012R) at 1:1000 dilution and 4˚C overnight incubation. Followed by conjugated secondary antibody incubation at 1:20000 for 60 min at 37˚C.